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 How can I stream your classes to a larger screen that is also convenient to exercise in front of?

This is of major concern for many people. And there are quite a few answers. Probably the very best solution is to have an Apple TV in your very large family room.  (I have the family room but not the Apple TV.) Secondly, you can check to see if your TV or your DVD player is wifi enabled. This feature allows you to connect your device directly to your home router, and re-purpose your television set as a browser. Another great solution is to get an HDMI cord and connect your laptop to an HDMI input on your TV.  (You can also make the connection with a red-white-yellow three way audio-visual cord.) The wireless version of this solution is Google Chromecast – a $35 device you can get at Best Buy that plugs your laptop or ios device remotely into the HDMI port on your TV. If all else fails – you can stream right from your laptop, your ipad or even your iphone – which could be particularly handy when you’re travelling. If you have another way of streaming that I have not listed here – tell me! I’d love to share it with everyone! (


                What if I have technical problems with the videos?

Please let me know ASAP ( – because your access to the videos is absolutely the most important thing to me! In the meantime, check on conditions at your end, like the speed of your internet connection (see example). Also, try playing a video from YouTube, to make sure of your device’s video playing capacity. Switching browsers is also a temporary workaround - but letting me know of any video difficulties is very important - right away! Your classmates will appreciate that, as will I.


                Do I have to use a particular browser?

The short answer is NO – or - you shouldn’t have to. But some browsers will give you a better video experience. Chrome is best. Internet Explorer and Firefox are fine. Safari works. If you have trouble streaming – one temporary solution is to switch browsers. Then – email me right away at so that I can check into why your browser isn’t working properly. Check out your visual experience before registering for a term by watching the free introductory class.


                How many classes will I have access to each week?  

 All 10 weeks of videos are available at all times during the ten week period which commences on the day you register.


                How many times can I stream a class each week?

You can stream any class that you have access to as many times as you want. I recommend taking the class 1-3 times per week.


                When does the class for that week get posted on the site?

All classes are posted and available once you register for the class.


                Can I stream your classes with my family and friends?

Yes! Just one registration per household is all that is required. Invite friends over. Work out with your spouse or kids. There are some safeguards in place to ensure that you cannot give your access away to others who are not in your household. Hopefully we will not have to go there.


                (Yoga Classes:) Is there a way to get a written copy of this term’s posture flow?

Yes – you will always be able to download it in written form – during the first or second week of class.


                (Yoga classes:) I don’t have 90 minutes to take a full class – can I split it up?

Absolutely – one way to do that is to take the first 60 minutes of class during the earlier part of the day, and the last 30 minutes closer to the end of the day. But you can certainly do the class any way that you want!


                What if I can’t do all of the exercises?

I hear you! I am no stranger to that experience.  In my Pilates classes I try to give you an idea of which muscles to recruit – even if you can’t “do it” completely. For example, with the “roll-up” exercise – you can ‘fake it’ and at the same time engage the right muscles so that you will benefit greatly even in the attempt to do the exercise - and eventually you will do it! (It took me two years to rollup!) In Yoga class I give lots of modifications - so there is a good chance you could do the exercise in another way. Also – in either Pilates and Yoga classes there are times when you might just have to sit that particular exercise out. I don’t spend oodles of time dwelling on a single exercise in class – things move along fairly rapidly and you’ll only have down time for a couple of minutes.  If you can do most of the exercises in the free introductory class – you should feel comfortable during the 10-week term.                       


                I got sick/had an accident or injured myself/had an emergency, and I have to stop taking your classes for a while.  What do I do?

Contact me ASAP and I will manually stop and restart the rest of your 10-week period to extend it longer. (You must do it at the time - not at the end of your 10 weeks!)


                I don’t live in the US. Do you take foreign currencies?

Yes. However at your end, there might be an additional transaction fee.  Check with your credit card company.


                What are the ways I can pay for a class?

With a major credit card. I use Stripe – a highly popular and very secure payment system.


                Is your question not answered here?

 Email me at


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